Equine Legcooler "Base"

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equine legcooler base

The Equine leg cooler cools the horse's legs in a dosed and adjustable manner with cold running water.

Item description:

Experience effective cooling with the Equine Legcooler Base, perfect for dosed and controllable cooling of horse legs. This innovative leg cooler ensures a constant cooling temperature and helps prevent and recover from injuries. Easy to use and safe, the legs are cooled evenly without damaging the skin due to too cold ice. In addition, this system saves time and water.


The leg cooler is simply attached to the horse's legs and connected to a water hose. Small holes at the end of the hose ensure that the water trickles evenly over the legs, effectively cooling the lower legs. The constant flow of cold water removes heat from the legs, while improved blood circulation and lymphatic function ensure faster removal of waste products and supply of restorative substances. Ideal for use after training and effective for injuries, a treatment takes only 20-30 minutes.

Contents of the set:

- Coupling piece
- Pressure distributor with two taps
- Two leg sprayers

The Equine Legcooler Base is easy to expand and suitable for cooling up to two legs at the same time. For optimal results, first rinse the legs with water so that the cooling water penetrates the coat more easily. Connect the hose to the coupling piece of the leg cooler, turn the ends above the front knee or hock of the hind leg, and regulate the water supply per leg with the taps. After cooling, dry your legs thoroughly.

Choose the Equine Legcooler Base for effective, safe and user-friendly cooling of your horse.

equine legcooler base
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