Effax Leather Lacquer - Intensive Leather Care - Black

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Effax leather care in the colour black.

Effax Leather Lacquer

Revitalize and Protect Your Leather Goods

Effax Leather Lacquer is specially formulated for intensive care of leather and patent leather items. Whether your leather goods have lost their shine, developed dull spots, or suffered from scratches, Effax Leather Lacquer is here to restore and rejuvenate them.

Key Features:
- Intensive treatment for blackening leather and patent leather items
- Restores shine to dull and worn areas
- Treats and conceals scratches on patent leather surfaces
- Suitable for all types of leather goods, including shoes and accessories

How to Use:
1. Apply Effax Leather Lacquer to the desired area with a small brush, focusing on the areas in need of treatment.
2. For best results, test the colorfastness and surface change of the leather on a hidden area before full application.

Revive the beauty of your leather items with Effax Leather Lacquer and enjoy their renewed shine and luster.

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